Payment Platform

The MercantileX Payment Platform isn’t just a gateway.
It is a full service and complete system that manages, tracks, underwrites, reports, administers control, and settles funds. Having been in development since 1995 the MerchantileX payment platform will handle any and all of your POS, eCommerce and emerging technological processing needs.

  • Debit processing
  • Credit processing
  • Point Of Sale transactions
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Mail Order Telephone Order
  • Mobile Phone Processing
  • ACH
  • Check21
  • ICL
  • Currently over 40 settlement platforms here in the US and abroad.
  • PCI / DSS compliant and registered
  • API connections methods (CGI POST, DLL, SOAP, XML, etc.)
  • Gateway Documentation Library
  • 24/7 technical bank and merchant customer support
  • We support and have a authorize.net emulator for any merchants using the AIM integration method.
  • Robust online reporting tools
  • Global support for transacting all 220 currencies
  • Underwriting controls for, authorization forms, transaction limits and settlement holds
  • Chargeback investigation tools
  • Statement generation
  • Proprietary risk tools that can remove 100% of fraudulent transactions through developed financial and technical forensics.
  • We white label our infrastructure and all of our documentation so we become completely transparent and we even will register our infrastructure with VISA so your brand would show up on their site.