Mobile Processing

Swiff is a mobile payment platform designed to help merchants make and receive credit card payments using mobile devices. Featuring cutting-edge authentication and identification technology, Swiff provides a high level of security unprecedented in the world of mobile payments. With Swiff, merchants enjoy flexibility, freedom and security.

Now they are free to operate beyond the boundaries of traditional retail spaces. Business opportunities are only bound by the limits of their imagination! For banks offering payment solutions to merchants, Swiff is an excellent addition to their scope of services, not to mention an invaluable tool to capitalise on the burgeoning mobile market.

Additionally, Swiff operates on an open platform that aggregates easily with payment service providers (processors), payment gateways and acquiring banks. So whichever industry you might be in, you have total freedom to harness the power of Swiff and make it a part of your very own mobile strategy, technology and innovation.